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Health Foods For A Healthy Breakfast

What’s For breakfast?

A good breakfast is another easy way to incorporate health foods in your diet. You’ve heard from a zillion sources (at least!) that breakfast is important, you need to eat breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day, yada, yada, yada.

So, just what did you have for breakfast today? Was it a donut, poptart, bowl of cereal, muffin, something from a fast food joint, or was it something healthy?

The problem with most of our popular breakfast items is they’re either too full of sugar or too full of fat… or gadzooks! Even worse they have gobs of both sugar and fat. NOT a healthy way to start your day.

It just makes sense to eat well at breakfast. You haven’t eaten for 8 hours or so – there’s a reason it’s called “break – fast” after all, and your body needs fuel for the day. The question is, are you going to leave that machine that is your body to run on empty, fill it with junk, or put some premium fuel into it?

Obviously, premium fuel is the way to go. Health foods are high quality fuel for you body, and the best way to start your day. That doesn’t mean you have to eat a bowl of twigs for breakfast. There are health food choices out there that both taste good and are good for you. Look for foods that have protein without a lot of saturated fat, whole-grain carbohydrates, and foods full of fiber and other stuff that’s good for you.

Just do your body a favor, and fuel up with a healthy breakfast.

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