What Egg-Xactly Does That Egg Label Mean?

Egg Carton Labels Can Be Confusing!

Once upon a time, when you went to the store to buy eggs you had two choices: white eggs or brown eggs.  Not so anymore!  The eggs may still come in just the two colors, but now there are many different “types” of those two different colors of eggs.  There is a bewildering array of egg cartons with all kinds of logos and labels.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Some of the labels or logos you might see on egg cartons are as follows:

  • Cage free
  • Certified Humane
  • Certified Organic
  • Fertile Eggs
  • Free Range
  • Free Roaming
  • Natural
  • Omega-3 Enriched
  • Pasture Raised
  • United Egg Producers Certified
  • Vegetarian Fed

But do you know what all those labels mean?  It’s not always as straight-forward as it seems from the label.  What you think the label means, and what you are actually getting may not be the same thing at all.

What Kind Of Information Do Egg Labels Provide?

Some labels tell how the chickens are treated, so are more about animal husbandry.  If you are concerned about the humane treatment of the animal producing your food, this is important.  Other labels are more about how nutritious the eggs are, and of course that’s an important thing to know for your health.

And then some labels are a mix of both.

To make matters even worse, there isn’t a lot of regulation for most labeling, so a producer can use a certain label when they really aren’t following the guidelines set for that label.  That can make the label on the egg carton pretty misleading.

To learn more about egg carton labels and logos and the meaning of those listed above, visit our new article What Does The Egg Carton Label Mean?

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