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Top 5 Functional Foods In Health Food News

Top Five Functional Foods In Health Food News

Functional Food Definition

Functional foods are defined as “foods that have been linked to potentially healthful benefits.”

Obviously, some foods provide more health benefits than others, ranging from the super foods that are great health foods, to the dismal stuff loaded with toxic substances.

Choosing The Best Functional Foods

The New York State Dietetic Association recently chose what they consider to be the top five functional foods. They polled nutritionists in their organization to list foods they considered to have the best health benefits and value. Not surprisingly, three of their choices are on the Super Hero Health Foods List.

The Top Five Functional Foods List

Their choices are:

  1. Salmon: Chosen for the potent omega-3 fatty acid levels, salmon tops the list. These substances have benefits for the heart, brain and more.
  2. Oats: The high fiber content of oats landed them in second place. They are known for “aiding with digestion, [and which] also helps fight disease, and may lower risk for high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.” No doubt about it, oats are a functional food worthy of the Super Hero Health Food List!
  3. Blueberries: If you haven’t heard about the benefits of blueberries, where have you been hiding? They’re full of vitamins C and E, along with other phytonutrients that make them a great functional food.
  4. Low-fat milk: The high calcium and vitamin D content put low-fat milk on the list. Calcium and vitamin D are both good for lowering blood pressure and building strong bones.
  5. Low-fat yogurt: Not just any low-fat yogurt, but the kinds containing “live and active cultures” that act as probiotics. These living organisms aid in digestion and immune function

There you have it, their list of the top five functional foods. Adding any of these to your diet would be a good way to get more easy healthy food in your diet!

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