Sunshine, The Light Health Food

Being out in the sun gets a bad rap sometimes. A lot of us working in offices or inside other buildings don’t get much sunshine unless we head for the beach. But we need a little sunshine! It’s health food absorbed by the skin, stimulating the body to produce vitamin D.

Recent research shows a link between the levels of vitamin D and the risk of heart attack. Scientists know there’s a higher incidence of heart problems in northern climates, as well as during winter at lower altitudes. The amount of sunshine is the difference.

The Harvard School of Public Health did a study showing that even after correcting other risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, diabetes and even omega-3 levels, men with low levels of vitamin D had an increased risk of heart disease.

Moral of the story – for a healthy heart, you need a little sunshine.

Sunshine, beautiful sunshine!

That doesn’t mean you should soak up rays until you burn. That’s too much of a good thing! Researchers suggest about 20 minutes in the sunshine with about half of your body exposed will provide all the vitamin D you need. (No, getting your daily dose of vitamin D does not mean you need to join a nudist colony!)

However, if getting out in the sunshine isn’t practical, there are vitamins and health supplements available to boost your vitamin D levels.

So get out there and soak up some of that light health food. Sunshine will do your heart good!

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