Sourdough Gone Bust

I’ve been experimenting with sourdough bread. It has a lower glycemic index than most breads, so isn’t supposed to raise your blood sugar so much. Sourdough also has a higher protein content than many breads, so is all around supposed to be better for you.

I’ve made quasi-sourdough breads for some time. By that I mean I use the sourdough starter, but I also put some commercial yeast in with the bread. This keeps the flavor, but it messes with the interaction of yeast and enzymes that make true sourdough breads more digestible and better for you.

A few weeks ago I made some true sourdough bread by accident – I flat out forgot to put the baker’s yeast in the bread. It didn’t rise as much, but it had a good texture and flavor. I figured I’d try the instructions in my cookbook and make it “like you’re supposed to.”

My experiment was sourdough gone bust.

Sourdough bread gone bust.

Granted I made it in a bread machine, but the instructions I followed were specifically for making sourdough bread with a bread machine.

Somewhere I missed something. The dough wasn’t the right texture, being more elastic paste than good dough. But I will try again!

Stay tuned… maybe my next loaf of sourdough bread will look like it’s supposed to!

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