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Happy Hormones Slim Belly Review | Health Food Made Easy

Happy Hormones Slim Belly Review

Happy Hormones, Slim Belly Diet & Cookbook

If you’re a woman, over 40, and overweight, this may be just the book you need to read. It’s a healthy diet plan targeted to help women with the fluctuating hormones that come with that age to still be able to lose weight.
If you’ve tried dieting before, it won’t come as any surprise that women have a tougher time losing weight than men.  First, there’s that whole muscle mass thing.  Just because men have a higher ratio of muscle, they can burn more calories than women without even trying.  Yeah, I know, life’s just not fair, right?

So you can try every diet out there, and exercise until you drop over from exhaustion, and maybe you’re finding that the pounds are still hanging on.  Maybe you even fell for that old expression of “freezing your butt off” and went out in the winter cold and …. Found out it doesn’t work.  Your posterior stays the same size no matter what the temperature!

Well, Jorge Cruise promises he has the answer to your problem of how to lose weight when your hormones are jumping around like a grasshopper.

What’s The Problem?

It turns out that sugar is the two-edged sword making weight-loss difficult.  If you eat too much sugar, you gain weight.  But if you don’t eat enough, you don’t produce serotonin.  And then your body tries to fix the problem and slams you with some powerful cravings to EAT SOMETHING SWEET NOW!!!

So when a woman of 40 years or more cuts back on sugar to lose weight, it will only work for so long.  After a while, the mood swings and cravings are going to push you over the edge.  Diet fail.

What’s the Secret of Staying on a Diet?

The secret is to balance how much sugar you eat by a specific cycling pattern.  For two days you eat a minimum amount of sugar calories to help reset your metabolism and lose weight, then the other five days you eat more to keep up the production of serotonin.

Thus you keep your hormones happy while getting a slim belly!

What’s in the Book “Happy Hormones Slim Belly”?

Here is a list of the chapters in the book and a short summary of each one:

1. The Irony: How to Be Happy and Slim

This chapter explains why women age 40 or more have more difficulty losing weight and keeping it off.  It cites some research to help explain the phenomenon and helps in understanding the problem.

2. The Key to a Slim Belly

Why most diets fail, and how to outsmart your hormones.

3. The Key to Happy Hormones

How serotonin levels affect your mood, food cravings, appetite and impulse control, why your age and gender affect your dietary needs, and how hormones work.

4. The Solution: Your Carb Cycling Plan

This chapter is the meat of the program.  It outlines how to lose weight by cycling two “slim” days of low sugar intake with 5 “happy” days allowing a higher sugar intake to make your hormones happy.

There are meal planners included to make it easier to get your diet going.  For the 2 day slim, 5 days happy cycling there are 4 weeks included.

Also included are meal plans for 4 weeks of “happy hormones”, designed for times when you need more serotonin production.  You won’t lose weight as quickly with this set of meal plans, but it’s the way to go when things seem a bit overwhelming in your life.

For times when you’re on top of the world and feel you can handle less serotonin production, there are also 4 weeks of extra slim menus.  The weight will come off even faster with these, but you have to be careful you don’t trip up and get to the point you binge on sugar because you needed more!

5. Recipes

Pages 109 – 217 have recipes to use on this diet.  They are sorted into the following categories:

  • Slim Breakfasts
  • Slim Lunches and Dinners
  • Happy Breakfasts
  • Happy Lunches and Dinners
  • Desserts

Obviously, the first two categories work for the slim days, and the second two for happy days.

6. Week 5 and Beyond

This chapter gives you options for continuing the diet and losing more weight after going through the first 4-weeks of diet plans.

7. The Food Lists

Pages 229 to 243 contain food lists of freebie foods, and lists of other foods that show how much sugar calories are in each one.

8. The Blissful Workout

Explains what role exercise can play in weight loss, and it’s not the usual mantra of burning calories will make you lose weight.  In fact, this is misinformation and this chapter explains why, and what kind of exercise is actually helpful.

9. Frequently Asked Questions

As the name implies, this chapter has answers to some of the questions Jorge Cruise got on losing weight with this diet.

What I Liked About This Diet

It explodes a lot of myths surrounding dieting and explains why women over 40 need to take a different approach.  It’s pretty easy to follow, and you don’t feel totally deprived or starving while on this diet.

What I Didn’t Like

Okay, I might be considered a bit of a picky eater.  I’m not fond of fish in any shape or form, and I don’t like hot peppers.  So the recipes with salmon or jalapeno peppers won’t be on my menu list.

But that being said, whenever there is a recipe on the menu list a person doesn’t like, all you have to do is substitute one of the other recipes, or make your own by using the food lists in the back and making sure you stay in the sugar-calorie range you need.

Who Would Use This Diet and Cookbook?

Jorge Cruise makes a point of saying anyone can use this cookbook, but obviously it is especially tailored to women over 40.  It’s just a happy circumstance that a diet that works for this group will also work for other people as well.  Unfortunately, the reverse is not also true, and this diet fills that need.

Other Information:

# of pages: 273

Does it have pictures of food made from recipes? Yes

Available Formats:

One thing to note about the Kindle version, it apparently isn’t formatted well, and in fact is responsible for most of the bad reviews this diet is given on Amazon, and the low star rating it has.  That’s really a shame, because there are a lot of good reviews about the diet itself, but people give it a low star rating because they bought the Kindle version and it’s pretty lame.

So the best advice I can give is to buy the hardcover version of Happy Hormones Slim Belly!

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Happy Hormones Slim Belly
by Jorge Cruise