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Raw Food Vegan Diet: Is it for you? | Health Food Made Easy

Raw Food Vegan Diet: Is it for you?

Ever wonder if a raw food vegan diet is something you’d like to try?

Many people often get interested in a raw food vegan diet as a way to lose a lot of weight.  What people fail to realize is that first and foremost, the raw food diet is a meal program for those seeking health, wellness and balance. However, like any diet, it’s important to understand that even if it is a good health and wellness choice, the raw food diet can lead to undernourishment if observed incorrectly.

Raw food vegan diet, Raw Salad

Raw food diet, Raw Salad—vår resa (Flickr.com)

Raw food vegan diet guidelines

As its name suggests, the raw food diet involves the digestion of mainly uncooked food. Those who love green salads and vegetables would have a head start here!  However, there are certain restrictions that must be followed when embarking on a raw food vegan diet. The primary concern here is making sure that the body gets proper nourishment. It means there must be a proper ration in the intake of food and nutrients.

Raw food should also be organic, so that no pesticides or any other unnatural substances are in the food you eat.

The medical history of raw food diet

In the late 1800s, Maximilian Bircher-Benner, a doctor, discovered unprocessed apples could cure his own jaundice. By unprocessed, the apple was eaten in its natural form as it was picked from its tree.

Bircher-Benner’s findings were followed by scientific experiments aimed at finding out how raw food affects human health.

To this day, the raw food diet is evolving, mostly because dietitians are learning more ways to maximize the nutrients in food without subjecting it to too much heat. Some experts suggest that if food must be heated, then heat should be below 118 Fahrenheit.

What is the problem with cooking?

Proponents of the raw food diet point out that the naturally occurring nutrients in food are wiped out when it is subjected to heat.

For instance, the Vitamin A in carrots is found very close to its skin that is why it is supposed to be peeled very carefully. Overcooking it reduces the benefits and potency of Vitamin A, so the dietary requirement for such nutrient might not be met. For this reason, raw carrots are the favorite snacks of health-conscious people.

Benefits of raw food diet

Those who choose a raw food diet claim they experience increased energy after switching from regular diet, i.e. commercially processed and home-cooked meals.

There have also been testimonies on lighter feeling (detoxifying effect) and clearer skin. Weight loss is also believed to be an inevitable result of the raw food diet.

It is also believed that the raw food diet can reduce the risk of diseases. After all, ancient people ate their food raw, but they had grown old and healthy without getting into hospitals and subjecting themselves to maintenance medicine.

Raw Food Diet: Health and Wellness Choice or a Weight Loss Program?

The raw food diet is primarily a health and wellness choice. It is not designed for people wanting to lose weight although weight loss could be an indirect result of the diet.

What Is a Raw Food Diet Video..


People trying to lose weight through raw food diet are risking undernourishment unless they are well-trained or properly educated on food nutrients and the daily food requirements of the human body.

If you decide to try a raw food vegan diet, proceed with caution.    Learn all you can about it.  One good way to educate yourself is to read more on our page about raw food diets, and check out the Raw Food Diet Plan.

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