Pregnancy Diet Menu

Pregnancy Diet Menu


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pregnancy diet menu imageWhen you are pregnant good nutrition becomes even more important! After all, it really is true you’re eating for two! Sometimes, in the case of twins or other multiples, you’ve got even more little bodies that need a top notch supply of nutrients so your pregnancy diet menu becomes that much more vital.

Even if you were already eating a healthy diet, it doesn’t hurt to pay a little more attention to what food you consume. Your body needs good nutrition during pregnancy, and it’s helpful not to overeat the wrong things and end up gaining a lot of excess weight. After all, it’s not likley more than 9 or 10 pounds is going to come off when you have the baby. Any weight above that you are going to have to work to lose after the baby is born. So eating a healthy diet and preventing excess weight gain is a good goal during pregnancy for many reasons.

Pregnancy Diet Menu Options

So just what CAN you eat while pregnant? The main objective is to eat nutrient dense foods. Lean meats, lots of fruits and vegetables, the right kind of oils… all these are part of a healthy diet. Avoiding lots of sugar, fatty meat, trans fats, excessive amounts of salt… these are things that should NOT be part of a healthy diet, whether you’re pregnant or not!

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