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Healthy Pickles Have Lower Sodium

In A Pickle For Health Food

It’s not the calories that are a problem with pickles; they’re actually pretty low calorie. But the sodium, now that’s another story. Face it, using all that pickling salt pretty much guarantees a high sodium product!

Too much sodium isn’t a good idea for anyone, yet sometimes a pickle sounds mighty good on or with a sandwich. But who’d have thought of making pickles healthier? Evidently someone at the Mt. Olive company did, because they’ve come up with a lower sodium pickle.

Mt. Olive Reduced Sodium Pickles

For instance, Mt. Olive Kosher Petite Dills have 340mg. of sodium per serving, while the new Reduced Sodium Kosher Baby Dills have only 135mg of sodium per serving. Quite a difference!

The regular salt has been replaced with a mixture of other salts, including potassium, magnesium and calcium chlorides. Potassium is actually beneficial, since it helps lower blood pressure. That doesn’t mean pickles are suddenly a health food, and you can eat all you want. That’s still a lot of sodium, but it’s a better option, another one of those easy changes for eating healthier.

I haven’t been able to find any yet to taste test, but so far I’ve only been to one store to look for them. However, the folks at “Nutrition Action” did a taste test and declared they couldn’t tell the difference between the higher sodium pickles and new reduced sodium Kosher Baby Dills and Kosher Dill Strips.

So next time you crave a pickle, try some of Mt. Olive’s Reduced Sodium varieties!

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