Food Addiction: Could You Be An Addict?

Did you ever consider  you might be addicted to food? We’re used to hearing about drug and alcohol addictions, cigarettes, and even addictions to on-line gaming, gambling and sex.  But turns out you can be addicted to almost anything.  Consider that an addiction can be defined as: “The fact or condition of being addicted to a […]

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6 Super Foods To Add to Your Diet

I am always on the lookout to find more information about super foods.  As with most everything else, there are varying opinons on exactly what constitutes a super food.  It’s generally accepted that they are whole foods, minimally processed, with all the vitamins and minerals and other nutrients left intact.  Beyond that, however, you could ask a dozen […]

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Food Dyes May Pose Health Risks

Did you know that food dyes may actually pose health risks? These dyes come in fun and bright colors, but  many consumers are not aware that food dyes are actually harmful. They are not only absorbed during digestion, but also get absorbed into the skin and enter the bloodstream, and may inhibit cell respiration. Food dyes are used to […]

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