Organic Junk Food

Beware Organic Food Labels

It may seem strange to tell you to watch out for  organic food labels in a post on a health food blog.  But there’s a reason for this madness.  It’s all about those misleading labels.  Don’t believe the myth that just because something has an organic food label on it, the food is automatically healthy, good-for-you eating.

You see, the food industry watches the trends in buying, and they’re in business to make money, obviously.  So when they notice that foods that have organic food labels on them are becoming more popular, they want to slap that label on as many things as possible.

That’s not just in the regular grocery stores either.  There are a lot of foods in health food stores with that organic food label that are really nothing more than organic junk food.

Organic white flour is one example.  So the flour was grown organically, then all the nutrients stripped out of it in the process of making it white flour.  Presto!  Organic junk food.

Organic donuts and waffles?  Just because they have organic sugar and organic white flour, do you really believe they are healthy food?  Nope, organic junk food.  The best you can say is they’re a tad better than the non-organic variety, but that’s stretching it.

Look at the labels.  You want to buy whole foods.  Foods with as little processing as possible.  If the food is full of sugar and / or fat, or otherwise highly processed, chances are it’s just organic junk food.

And junk food isn’t healthy food, whether it’s organic or not.

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