Organic Food Additives: Stick with the real deal please!

Organic food additives, Right 2Know March GMO Labeling

Organic food additives, Right 2Know March GMO Labeling—Daquella manera (

People deliberately look for organic food additives because that’s part of the whole organic appeal.  If you allow non-organic additives in organic foods, you’ve missed the whole point. The food that goes into the body can either nourish or poison a person, and people who want organic foods are generally looking for wholesome foods without any added chemicals.

However, there are tainted food additives in the market. They are supposed to be organic, but they are not actually healthy. These merchandise sometimes contain synthetics. How can you avoid these not-so-organic additives? You should understand the difference between “natural and organics” and “tainted organics.”

There are lobby groups fighting for proper labelling in the so-called organic merchandises. The organic food industry is facing serious issues against poseur organics, as related in this article by Dr. Mercola at

Organic Food Additives: Healthy Preservatives, Not Chemicals!

Mark Kastel,the codirector of the organic industry watchdog, The Cornucopia Institute, reveals how those charged with reviewing and approving additives and chemicals for use in organic foods have in large part been affiliated with the same corporate agribusinesses and/or food producers lobbying for their use. There are currently almost 300 non-organic and synthetic compounds approved for use in organic foods.

Kastel’s revelations are shocking. The point here is that some people think they bought organic additives, but in reality, they did not really get what they paid for, after all. What makes it worse, is that there are organic-looking products that can potentially be a health risk.

The easiest way to side step synthetic food additives has been to simply eat certified organic foods. One of the first products the Cornucopia Institute looked at was carrageenan. Like most people in the industry, the initial belief was that it was natural and benign since it comes from seaweed. However, as it turns out, carrageenan is an inflammatory agent tied to serious intestinal disease and is even categorized as a “possible carcinogen.” Original story here.

Findings against the synthetic food additives and how they get to the market should be enough reason for people to be alert. It is best to learn how to spot the real organic additive first.

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If you must buy food with with additives, be sure they are actually organic food additives, staying away from unhealthy chemicals, including those made from synthetic ingredients.

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