Mix And Match Recipe For Smoothies

If you’d like to try having a smoothie for breakfast, or even just as a good pick-me-up, here’s an all-purpose recipe you can use.

Mix And Match Smoothies

Recipe For Smoothies

  • 12 ounces of water or juice
  • 6 ounces of yogurt, flavor of your choice
  • 1 scoop of whey protein powder
  • 1/2 cup of fruit (fresh, canned or frozen)
  • 6 ice cubes

1. Pour liquid into a blender.

2. Add the yogurt and protein powder.  You can use whatever flavor protein powder you like.  The most popular flavors available are vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

3. Blend the liquid, yogurt and protein powder until smooth.

4. Add the fruit and blend for another 30 seconds or so, depending on how pureed you like the fruit.

5. Add the ice cubes and blend on high until smooth.

NOTES: If you use canned fruit, drain it and use the juice as part of the 12 ounces of liquid.

Of course, you could also use milk for the liquid, but it really isn’t necessary with the yogurt and whey powder. 

However, if you don’t like yogurt, you could leave it out and use 2 scoops of whey powder, or a packet of some kind of protein powder mix.

Experiment to your heart’s content, and find a combination you like.

And there you have it, a quick and easy recipe for smoothies you can enjoy for breakfast.

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