Himalayan Cooking Salt

Himalayan cooking salt is a natural salt.  It hasn’t been refined like table salt and had all the good minerals stripped away.  Instead, it’s a whole food, with all the nutrients still available.

Here’s a short video that talks about the difference of ordinary table salt versus Himalayan cooking salt:

( If you are interested in the book mentioned in the video, it’s available here. )

If you’d like to learn more about Himalayan salt and other natural salts, check out our new page on “Salt: Health Benefits of Unrefined Salts.”

It’s an overview of the different uses of Himalayan and other unprocessed salts.  You might be surprised to discover the different ways this kind of salt is used.

Not only does this kind of salt make a great flavor enhancer for foods, but it’s also wonderful to use for a bath salt.  And it doesn’t stop there!  There are beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamps that combine a lovely form with a useful function.

So find out more about this interesting natural salt by visiting our page on salt health benefits!

More Information on Himalayan Cooking Salt

Source for Himalayan Cooking Salt

Good place to find not only the edible variety of Himalayan salt, but also bath salts and Himalayan salt lamps.

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