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Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook Review | Health Food Made Easy

Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook Review

Okay, I bought this to use it for myself, so I thought I’d pass along a “tell it like it is” review about the Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook. (Obviously, this isn’t the site for the cookbook itself. If you’re looking for that, you can find it at Healthy Urban Kitchen site.

Anyway, I’m going to tell you what I thought was good, and also what I thought was not so good.

First off, I decided to check this out after looking around some forums and different places and finding comments on this healthy eating food guide like these. . .

“ . . a MUST for anyone who really takes their health seriously.. .”

“I believe that the Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook is good if you are thinking about a lifestyle change. If you want to lose weight and keep it off forever, then this book will probably change the way you view what you eat and how your eat. Simply put, there is no other book out there that is like it.”

“I would particularly recommend the Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook if you have skin problems that never seem to go away, if you suffer from depression and if you have always had problems with your weight no matter what you have tried in the past.”

I thought, “Wow! Good for your health, lose weight and keep it off, and clear up your skin in the bargain! I’ve got to check this out.”

So I did.

I went to the information page and read through all that. I found some pretty bold claims right off the bat, like. . .

“easily lose weight…get glowing, clear skin…discover the truth about nutrition… master the basics of healthy cooking…eliminate unhealthy ‘health’ foods like gluten and soy and heal from depression…prevent disease…and radically improve their energy transform their bodies without diets, drugs or surgery.”

I also noticed the Healthy Urban Kitchen has been featured in the New York Times, Women’s Day, Sports Illustrated and more. That sounds impressive, but I wanted to be sure this isn’t just another fad diet.

So, after reading through the material and watching some of the videos on the information page, I decided to take the plunge and buy Healthy Urban Kitchen. It was a pretty simple process, and you get instant access, which I like. No having to wait around until the book gets shipped.

The first third of the book is full of information. It starts out with outlining the basics on healthy food to cook and techniques of healthy cooking. There is also tips on how to do a makeover on your kitchen so it’s easier to cook healthy, hidden food allergies to watch out for, which fats and oils are healthy and much more.

The rest of the Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook is devoted to recipes for everything from smoothies, to veggies, eggs, and meats.

And you don’t just get the main book, but lots of worthwhile bonus material, plus recipes updates and more. It’s a pretty comprehensive package! (For a complete list, look near the bottom of the information page where it says, “Healthy Urban Kitchen “)

On the downside, I feel the title of this book is a little misleading. I know the guy who wrote it lives in New York City, so he’s in an urban environment. But that really kind of misrepresents what the book is all about, because the information isn’t just for people in the city. You could be living anywhere and this book has great information. I mean, I live in the rural south, about as far different from New York City as you can get, and I loved the information in this book.

The other biggest complaint I’ve read concerning this healthy eating guide, and that I’d have to agree with, is the fact this guy has some pretty stringent guidelines to try and eliminate any hidden food allergies from your diet, in particular some grains and dairy products.

However, that being said, I liked his approach of telling you the ideal, but not beating you over the head with it. He tells you to assess your situation and do the best you can in light of that.
That fits well with what I try to get across in this blog. Don’t become so obsessed with doing everything “right” that you become so paralyzed and discouraged you do NOTHING to improve your eating. It’s much better to make some small changes and create some momentum towards a healthier diet, than to throw up your hands in despair and do nothing.

Overall, I’m impressed by the Healthy Urban Kitchen . It’s got some good information to explain what foods are good to eat, and what aren’t. There are lots of recipes and some good info in the bonus reports. I think it was well worth the money I spent.

If you’d like to find out more, click here –> Healthy Urban Kitchen .

And thanks, as always, for stopping by! I hope this review has been useful for you!

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