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Good Health Food – About healthy eating habits, including infromation on organic food and natural food, with tips on finding and preparing healthy foods.

What Is A Healthy Breakfast?

If you’re skipping breakfast, I doubt I need to tell you that’s bad. You can hear from all kinds of sources that it’s important to eat a good breakfast. So what’s keeping you from doing it? Time? Stuck in a rut?

Well, whatever your problem is, shake up your world a little and try to eat something tasty and good for you in the morning. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time and it can make a big difference in how you feel the rest of the day.

So if you’re wondering what is a healthy breakfast, read on. . .

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The Most Healthy Drink Is Water

Water is the most healthy drink available. You can live much longer without eating than you can without drinking. That’s because your body contains around 60-75% water, so you need to stay hydrated. Your brain, blood, muscles – all your body’s cells need water. What makes water better than other beverages?

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Have You Experienced How Full Flavored Organic Coffee Can Be?

This writer thinks organic coffee is the best thing going, and has many good reasons for this opinion: ——————————————————————– Here’s a quick rundown of what organic is, and why it’s better to consume organic coffee.  1) Synthetic fertilizers can’t be used to raise certified organic foods.  2) Organic certified products can’t use genetically engineered crops or animals. […]

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Food Holidays In June – National Hazelnut Cake Day

When we think of holidays, we usually think of some food associated with each particular holiday, like turkey at Thanksgiving. The type of traditional foods varies from family to family, but most people have them. However, there are also food specific holidays. Some are for only a day, some are for a week, and some last a whole month. For instance, June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month. It’s time for those wonderful Farmer’s Markets! They’res a great place to get some fresh fruit and vegetables!

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