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Good Health Food – About healthy eating habits, including infromation on organic food and natural food, with tips on finding and preparing healthy foods.

Himalayan Cooking Salt

Himalayan cooking salt is a natural salt.  It hasn’t been refined like table salt and had all the good minerals stripped away.  Instead, it’s a whole food, with all the nutrients still available. Here’s a short video that talks about the difference of ordinary table salt versus Himalayan cooking salt: ( If you are interested […]

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Organic Dark Chocolate Is Good For You!

Do you love chocolate? Be happy then, because did you know that organic dark chocolate is a healthy treat? For chocoholics, this sentiment may just send them over the moon with excitement. A lot of studies have shown the many health benefits of chocolate. It has been found that the delicious superfood is not only sinfully delicious, […]

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Healthy Chocolates For Dessert?

Is there such a thing as healthy chocolates? People who watch their weight typically avoid all kinds and forms of chocolates, including cakes and cookies. However, new studies reveal that chocolate is not always bad for people’s health. In fact, scientists now agree that healthy chocolates can help people avoid cardiovascular and other health problems. […]

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Cranberry Salad Recipes

What’s so great about – Cranberries? Why should we eat cranberries, so we’d need any cranberry salad recipes anyway? Thanksgiving Tradition It’s that time of year when people in the States celebrate Thanksgiving.  Considering that cranberries are one of three fruits that are native to the United States and Canada, that makes them quite appropriate for […]

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