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Beverages that are good for you!

The Most Healthy Drink Is Water

Water is the most healthy drink available. You can live much longer without eating than you can without drinking. That’s because your body contains around 60-75% water, so you need to stay hydrated. Your brain, blood, muscles – all your body’s cells need water. What makes water better than other beverages?

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Have You Experienced How Full Flavored Organic Coffee Can Be?

This writer thinks organic coffee is the best thing going, and has many good reasons for this opinion: ——————————————————————– Here’s a quick rundown of what organic is, and why it’s better to consume organic coffee.  1) Synthetic fertilizers can’t be used to raise certified organic foods.  2) Organic certified products can’t use genetically engineered crops or animals. […]

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Treat Yourself To Organic Flavored Coffee

Here’s some information I found on organic coffee from the people at French Press Coffee… Coffee drinkers today want to know that by purchasing organic flavored coffee they are helping to improve working conditions for coffee farmers, protecting the environment, and promoting sustainable practices around the globe.

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Coffee Makes a Comeback!

After taking a bad rap for so long because of the caffeine, coffee is back on the health food charts. While it doesn’t have significant amounts of vitamins or minerals, its antioxidant properties are fantastic! In fact, coffee is one of the top antioxidant beverages consumed worldwide.

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Should You Be a Heavy Drinker?

With all this talk about needing water, should we all become heavy drinkers? You’ve no doubt heard from many different sources that we should be drinking 8-ounces of water 8 times a day. “Everybody knows” we’re supposed to do this, but does anyone know where this rule originated? The answer is… not really. Best guess […]

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More Healthy Drinks

Need more ideas for healthier drinks in your diet besides plain water? Try some of the following: Fizzy Juice – If you really miss the fizz of sodas, mix some of your favorite fruit juice with sparkling water. Do it a glass at a time unless you’re going to share a pitcher full, because like […]

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