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The best health foods for a healthy breakfast!

Sophisticated Scrambled Eggs

This interesting recipe for scrambled eggs was hiding in an old cookbook published in the 1930s.  I enjoy looking through all cookbooks.  The only trouble with most older cookbooks is they use a lot of sugar, but sometimes there are some interesting recipes nonetheless.  Anyway, this recipe for scrambled eggs caught my eye… I may just […]

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What Is A Healthy Breakfast?

If you’re skipping breakfast, I doubt I need to tell you that’s bad. You can hear from all kinds of sources that it’s important to eat a good breakfast. So what’s keeping you from doing it? Time? Stuck in a rut?

Well, whatever your problem is, shake up your world a little and try to eat something tasty and good for you in the morning. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time and it can make a big difference in how you feel the rest of the day.

So if you’re wondering what is a healthy breakfast, read on. . .

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Try My Power Oatmeal!

Yes, I practice what I preach and eat breakfast every day, and it’s usually — POWER OATMEAL! If you’ve seen many Quaker Oats commercials, you already know that oatmeal is a good health food. I call this “Power Oatmeal” because I rev it up with a few extra ingredients with shown health food benefits to […]

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Ways to Have a Healthy Breakfast

We know breakfast is important. It fuels up our body to start the day, helping prevent fatigue, loss of concentration and all manner of annoying consequences. So how do you get yourself in the habit of eating a healthy breakfast? First off, do just that, make it a habit. If you skip breakfast once, then […]

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