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Good Health Food – About healthy eating habits, including infromation on organic food and natural food, with tips on finding and preparing healthy foods.

Carolina Kale Recipe

In our “All Hail to Kale: A Superfood Powerhouse” post, we told you some of the reasons why you should eat kale.  It short, because it’s good for you!  It’s got a lot of nutrients packed into that green leafy goodness. . Here is another recipe for using kale, this time it’s a great side […]

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Fresh Lemon Apple Juice

Get out your blender and try this fresh tasting beverage.  If you like apples, then it’s just the thing.  You need a blender to make this drink.  As always, I recommend the Vitamix… it does a superb job of completely pulverizing the apple and making a smooth, luscious drink! Lemon Apple Juice (2 servings, depending […]

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Best Bunch of Baked Beans Recipe

If you want to substitute a bean dish for a meat entree, as mentioned in the post on how to eat healthy on a budget, here’s a good one to try. Best Baked Beans Ingredients: 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 medium onion, finely chopped 1 pound center-cut thick bacon, cut into 1″ pieces 1/2 cup […]

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Make Your Own All-Natural Cranberry Cocktail!

Make a Yummy Cranberry Cocktail to Thrill Your Tastebuds! Most of time we only hear about eating cranberries at Thanksgiving and Christmas, which is a shame.  After all, cranberries are a super food, and worthy of being part of your diet on a regular basis. Cranberry Juice is probably the way people consume cranberries the most often.  […]

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A Trio of Green Smoothie Recipes

Green Smoothies for Top Nutrition & Energy! These yummy drinks are popular these days, and with good reason.  It’s a great way to get more greens in your diet for those that aren’t that thrilled with veggies or salads. Obviously some recipes are better than others, and have more greens.  However, if you are just […]

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