Healthy Chocolates for The Chocoholic

Are you a certified chocoholic?healthy_chocolate

Admit it. Many of us just couldn’t resist chocolates! It’s been every woman’s best friend on every heart break, the choice of present on Valentine’s Day paired with a bouquet of flowers, and the kids’ favorite treat. Along with ice cream, cakes, and fast food, chocolates are considered as comfort foods. But yeah, it also hurts to admit that these lovely treats are very fattening.

Because of this, many have wished for healthy chocolates, hoping that someday binging on these treats won’t make you gain pounds and instead give a number of benefits to your health. Do you feel the same way?

Well, good news for you; a number of chocolate manufacturers have decided to go on the healthy side and in fact have promoted the health benefits of their chocolates!  It’s health food made easy and fun, with our favorite treat!

The following article written by Jane Sarasohn-Kahn and published at discusses chocolate’s health benefits and what they can actually do to your body.

Healthy chocolates for the chocoholics

On a recent Whole Living segment on Martha Stewart’s Sirius XM radio channel, I learned of the artisan chocolatier, Gnosis. The company, whose name is Greek for “knowledge,” grew out of the kitchen of a holistic health counselor, Vanessa Berg, who began to make nutritionally-infused sweets for her private clientele. Word-of-mouth made its way to a buyer from Whole Foods, who subsequently did a deal with Berg to sell Gnosis goods in some of the company’s stores in New Jersey and New York.

Chocolate is a health food for this company, and for a growing number of firms that see a growing market for functional foods among consumers willing to pay premium prices for health-infused products. Some promise heart-health, some, management of women’s health issues. Gnosis has a bar that whispers about a better sex-life. (Read more of the story here…)

Dark chocolates have always been known to have antioxidants and bioflavonoids that are beneficial to our health. The video below features the Director of Cardiovascular Wellness Services at Swedish Medical Center, Dr. Sarah Speck, and discusses further how chocolate can reduce the risk of certain illnesses.

The Health Benefits of Chocolates

According to the article, studies have found that these healthy chocolates are the dark ones, as dark chocolate lowers the craving to eat something sweet, compared to milk chocolate. The University of Nebraska Extension Service also have classified chocolate as a superfood – similar to oats, garlic, soy, and flax seed.

This may also be the reason why healthy chocolates from different brands are now being sold in the market. These include Hershey’s, Gnosis, a new chocolate company, and Barry Callebaut from France. These three companies have already started with marketing strategies promoting their healthy treats from being heart-friendly to aphrodisiac.

Chocolates today may now have more healthy properties, but one shouldn’t forget that too much of these healthy chocolates can be too much of a good thing, and might not be too good for your body. Eat chocolates in moderation and enjoy the flavor and lucsious treat!


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