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Honey Fraud in Health Food News

Misleading labels and fraud seem to abound in the grocery store and honey isn’t a sweet exemption. Just recently, three men were arrested, being accused of faking the origin of imported Chinese honey to avoid paying millions of dollars in antidumping tariffs. The bigger problem, however, is making sure you’re buying pure honey. This is not a new problem, but honey mixed with high fructose corn syrup is almost indistinguishable, physically and chemically, from the real thing. There can be 80% to 90% corn syrup in honey without being detected.

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Health Food News: High Fructose Corn Syrup At Risk Of Mercury Contamination

Many studies show a risk of obesity and Metabolic Syndrome with foods containing large amounts of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Now there’s more bad health food news for HFCS. In a recent study made for The Institute For Agriculture And Trade Policy (IATP), detectable mercury was found in many products made with HFCS. It would seem this toxic substance has been there all along, but nobody thought to look for it.

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Top Five Functional Foods In Health Food News

Functional foods are defined as “foods that have been linked to potentially healthful benefits.” The New York State Dietetic Association recently chose what they consider to be the top five functional foods. They polled nutritionists in their organization to list foods they considered to have the best health benefits and value. Not surprisingly, three of their choices are on the Super Hero Health Foods List.

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