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Debunking myths about health foods, especially foods that pretend to be healthy but really aren’t.

Why Soy is NOT a Health Food

This video has specifics on which soy foods such as tofu are bad, and why. However, fermented soy such as the following: Miso, Natto, Soy sauces, and Tempeh are actually beneficial. They are aids in preventing and reducing a variety of diseases including certain forms of heart disease and cancers.

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Powdered Creamers vs. Liquid Creamers

Powdered creamers pack more calories and fat than it would seem from reading the misleading food label. So how about liquid creamers, are they any better? Fat chance! Most powdered creamers are made with coconut and palm kernel oils, but any kind of liquid Coffee-mate is made with partially hydrogenated soybean and/or cottonseed oil. That means it has trans fats.

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More on Powdered Creamers

If regular powdered creamers are loaded with fat, then it seems the “fat free” variety should be a big improvement. After all, on the Coffee-mate Fat Free label, it says there are 0 grams of both saturated and trans fats, so you figure you can consume all you want and there will be zero fat. Unfortunately, that’s wrong.

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Is Soy a Great Health Food?

Continuing the theme this week of health foods that aren’t, let’s consider soy.  For years we’ve been told to give up the beef and even milk, and eat soy products instead. But is soy really the great health food it’s promoted to be? Actually, it seems like it’s more a case of good marketing than good […]

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