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Debunking myths about health foods, especially foods that pretend to be healthy but really aren’t.


Mythbusters – Fiber Enriched Foods Provide Fiber Benefits

Companies are cashing in on the fiber craze. You’ll find fiber in foods that never had it before! In an ingenious effort to get you to buy their product, all of a sudden yogurt, ice cream, juices, and other products are boasting about their high fiber content. Buy this product, it’s got lots of fiber! But you see, that’s just the problem. It’s a man-made product. It’s not the real deal.

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May The Farm Be With You!

I saw this “Grocery Star Wars” animation a long time ago and enjoyed it, and just ran across it again a few days ago. It’s a cute parody of Star Wars made to alert people to some of the serious problems in food production today – overuse of chemicals, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), and the […]

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