George Foreman Next Grilleration Removable Plate Grill Facts

I use this grill and I love it! How do I love it? Let me count the ways:

  1. Removable plates, making it sooooooo much easier to clean!
  2. Big cooking surface allows you to cook a family sized meal all at once.
  3. Non-stick surface, another feature making it easy to clean.
  4. Digital read-out for temperature controls are easy to see.
  5. Instruction booklet included has cooking times for lots of foods.

Most reviews I’ve read give the grill a high rating. Some have said it doesn’t get as hot as older models of George Foreman grills, but even so, it still works great.

The George Foreman Next Grilleration Removable Plate Grill comes with the following:

  • The grill of course!
  • Drip Tray
  • Plastic Spatula
  • Owner’s Manual

Using George Foreman’s Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machines!

It’s quick and easy to grill food with this appliance.

First, I use a hot mat under mine. These grills put out a lot of heat, and just to be on the safe side and sure there is no damage to the counter, I sit mine on a wooden cutting board. There are heat resistant mats available also. Just keep in mind the heat resistant part – plastic is obviously a bad idea.

Make sure to place the grill “in the open” while cooking. There’s usually a fair amount of steam produced, and it’s probably better if that’s not going up right under your kitchen cabinets.

Getting Ready To Use The Grill

  1. Preheat: Make sure the grill is plugged in and the lid is closed. The time and temperature displays will show dashes, which means the grill is off.
  2. Press the “Power” On/Off button to turn on the grill. The time and temperature lights will come on.
  3. The time display will show a “5” which indicates the start of the 5 minutes pre-heat cycle.
  4. The temperature display will show a flashing “300”. Now is the time to adjust the temperature according to what you’re cooking. The owner’s manual includes a chart showing the correct temperatures for various foods like fish, turkey burgers, pork chops, hamburgers, chicken, steak and more.
  5. When the preheating countdown is done, the unit beeps four times.

Just a little note here – sometimes the beeps are confusing. If the grill reaches the correct temperature before the 5 minute countdown is up, the temperature display will stop flashing and the grill will go ahead and beep 4 times. Unless you reset the timer, however, it will continue the 5 minute countdown then beep again when the time is up.

However, sometimes the grill is NOT ready when it beeps at the end of the 5 minute preheat countdown because it hasn’t got hot enough yet. IF THE TEMPERATURE DISPLAY IS STILL FLASHING IT MEANS THE GRILL HASN’T REACHED THE CORRECT TEMPERATURE YET. Don’t start grilling until the temperature light has stopped flashing. The unit will beep again when the right temperature has been reached.

If the beeps are too confusing, ignore them. Just check the grill and see when the temperature light goes off. Then it’s ready to cook.

Cooking With The George Foreman Grill

While you’re waiting for the grill to heat up, be sure and place the drip tray under the front of the grill. Be sure you’ve got it placed correctly to catch the drips or you’ll have a real mess to clean up when all the grease drips all over your counters!

Once the grill reaches the correct temperature for the food you’re cooking, use a pot holder to open the lid. Place your food on the grill, shut the lid, and set the timer to the correct length of time for what you’re cooking.

The grill beeps when the food is ready. Keep in mind it does NOT shut off, so if you leave the food in there, it’ll keep cooking. (Don’t ask me how I know! J)

The grill WILL automatically shut off after an hour if you leave it on, but any food still in there will probably be a little too well done by that time!

Once you’re done using the grill for cooking, remove the food, and unplug the grill.

Remember, the non-stick finish on the removable plates does not take kindly to sharp objects. Use plastic or wooden utensils, and avoid metal tongs, forks or knives that can scratch the finish.

Cleaning The Grill When You’re Done Cooking

Be careful when moving the drip tray. It’s long and easily tips. Grease on the counter or floor doesn’t make for a fun clean-up job.

Now, here’s a biggie – THE GRILL PLATES CAN GO IN THE DISHWASHER!!! Yep, not only do they pop off the grill for easier cleaning, you can even run them through the dishwasher.

It works best to scrape off the excess fat and food particles first, however. The plastic spatula that comes with the grill has grooves designed to fit the grill perfectly and help with this task.

Most of the time I just use a dish cleaning brush and dishwashing detergent that works well for greasy stuff such as Dawn or a generic version. It just takes a couple of minutes to get the removable plate clean, dry it and pop it back in the grill. Easy peasy!

Other Tips For Cleaning The George Foreman Next Grilleration Removable Plate Grill

Here are some things you should DO:

  • Wipe the uncoated side of the removable plates with a dry towel after they’ve been through the dishwasher cycle.
  • Use a non-metallic scrubbing pad to remove any stubborn build-up of grease or food.
  • Use a warm, wet dishcloth or sponge to clean off the outside of the grill.
  • Keep hold of the top cover while cleaning so it doesn’t fall down and injure your hand.

And here are some things you should NOT do!

  • Use steel wool, abrasive cleaners, Brillo pads or similar scrubbing tools on any part of the grill or removable plates.
  • Immerse the body of the appliance in water or any other liquid. (It’s got electrical elements you could ruin!)

To Sum It Up, It’s A Great Grill

The George Foreman GRP99 Next Generation Grill with Removable Plates is a great addition to your kitchen. It works well for grilling indoors when the weather’s bad, and eliminates a lot of stove top and broiler cooking too. It automatically drains fat off meats as they cook, but works well for vegetables like peppers and hash browns, too. You can use it for grilled cheese sandwiches or hot dogs. You can even use it to cook kabobs as long as you use wooden instead of metal skewers!

If you’re looking for a great grill, George Foreman Grills fit the bill.

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