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About vitamins and food supplements; plus minerals and other micronutrients essential for good health!

Why You Should Care About Carotenoids

Just What Are Carotenoids? Simply put, carotenoids are pigments that plants synthesize. These pigments are usually red, orange or yellow, and give various fruits and vegetables their bright colors. They are a natural source of vitamin A, an essential vitamin source for helping eyesight and seeing in the dark. Carotenoids are potent antioxidants, helping with immune function and the growth and repair of tissues.

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Sunshine, The Light Health Food

We need a little sunshine! It’s health food absorbed by the skin, stimulating the body to produce vitamin D. Recent research shows a link between the levels of vitamin D and the risk of heart attack. Scientists know there’s a higher incidence of heart problems in northern climates, as well as during winter at lower altitudes. The amount of sunshine is the difference.

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