Food Safety During Extreme Hot Temps

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Faces of Food Safety

Faces of Food Safety—USDAgov (

During the summer months, it’s always important to be careful how you handle food. With the hot temperatures, it is crucial to practice food safety measures so you don’t endanger the health of yourself, family or friends.Granted, everyone needs to be careful about how they handle food at all times, but the heat makes it even more important since it makes it easier for bacteria to grow in the warm environment. Because of this, it’s necessary to limit the amount of time the food is left out of the refrigerator and to make sure all cooking venues are sanitized to prevent the introduction of bacteria.In fact, Director Beardsley of the Johnson County’s Public Health Department in Iowa, added that even small numbers of bacteria can surely make anyone grow sick fast. The warm weather provides an excellent environment so that bacteria grow fast as well.

An article written by reporter Hayley Bruce discusses more of the details of these news in the KCRG site.

How to Maintain Food Safety During Extreme Hot Temps

While Beardsley said these practices should be followed throughout the year, he said extreme heat can pose an additional risk.

“It’s just now, with the extreme heat, that that little bit of ice you might have had around your potato salad or meat before probably needs more ice and it’s probably going to heat up quicker. It’s just kind of heightened awareness of controlling temperatures,” Beardsley said.

He added food safety should begin at the grocery store, with consumers grabbing perishable items right before check-out, and getting them home and into the fridge as fast as possible. He also said people packing a lunch or picnic might want to use extra ice or insulation to ensure their food stays cold. Original story here.

Other concerned public health departments too are giving out reminders to people to wash their hands and sanitize well their cooking materials so as to be safe from any kind of contamination.

Part of the food safety plan is for people to stay hydrated all the time under the condition of hot weather. Hence, it can help best to stay out of the sun as well when the weather becomes too hot for you to handle.

And you certainly don’t want to leave food outside for any length of time!

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