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Eating Figs Grilled For An Easy Health Food

Eating Figs Grilled

If you’re lucky enough to be able to get hold of some fresh figs, by all means, eat some of them fresh out of hand. They’re a delectable tasting fruit, and good no matter how you eat them. (For tips on buying fresh figs, see “Wondering How To Eat Figs?)

However, if you want to try something a little different, why not try grilling fresh figs?

Tips on Grilling Figs

As mentioned in an earlier post, “How To Grill Fruit”, there are some basics you need no matter what sort of fruit you grill. Be sure the grill is absolutely clean, and stay close to the grill while the fruit is cooking. It doesn’t take very long!

You can use an outside grill or an inside grill like the George Foreman Grilleration. Of course, the flavor is a little different depending on which kind of grill you use. That holds true whether it’s an electric grill, gas grill, charcoal grilling or using wood chips.

Figs On The Grill

Follow these steps to grill fresh figs:

  1. Ffirst cut them in half long-wise, or if you prefer, you can grill them whole.
  2. Brush the figs with melted butter or an aromatic flavored oil.
  3. Cook cut-side down on the grill until browned, about 2 or 3 minutes

You can serve the grilled figs as a dessert by themselves, or pair them with something like mascarpone cheese. They also can be used with dessert crepes, or paired with cake. Top them with whipped cream, or put them in a bowl with ice cream. Use your imagination!

However you choose to eat your grilled figs, they’re a healthy taste treat!

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