Easy Ways to Eat Healthy During Winter

Worried about gaining weight in the cold months?

So many people are complaining about having to add on more pounds during this time of the year. People tend to eat more processed foods as they can’t find easy ways to eat healthy. This is because during the cold months, fewer fresh foods are being sold in the markets. Vegetables and fruits that were readily available in farmers’ markets during spring and summer are slowly disappearing once the winds become chilly.winter

People also tend to develop ennui – a very low level of happiness or dissatisfaction due to lack of excitement. Since comfort foods are the sure way to lighten up, people tend to binge on these foods which are high in sugar, fat, and salt.

The flu virus affects so many people at this time as well. This is caused by the very cold weather and the absence of sunshine. Lack of the sunshine vitamin — vitamin D can highly affect a person’s weight. It has also been said that people with low levels of this vitamin store more fat in their bodies. Lack of this vitamin also reduces fat breakdown.

With all these factors, how can one eat healthy?

The following article written by Dr. Frank Lipman and published at Oyetimes.com gives advice on how to avoid gaining weight during winter.

Easy ways to eat healthy during winter

It’s winter. It’s cold outside, and the farmers’ markets are no longer bursting with colorful, fresh produce. While it’s easy to fill your diet with delicious local veggies in the spring and summer months, it may seem like more of a challenge in the winter when fewer fresh foods are in season. Combine that with the cold, dry weather and lack of natural light — not to mention the feeling that everyone around you is getting sick — and you can imagine why it’s especially important to load up on nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to keep your immune system strong. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to stay fit during the winter.

Read on for a few simple, easy ideas on how to up the ante on healthy eating in the cold and dreary winter months.

Make Vegetable-Heavy Soups And Stews

Add In Herbs And Spices

Don’t Skimp On The D

Keep Yourself Hydrated From The Inside Out (Read more of the story here…)

Our bodies adapt to the changing seasons. During winter, our bodies tend to pack on carbohydrates to keep ourselves warm. Since we can cover ourselves with layers of clothing and turn on the heater at this age, the extra fat isn’t needed anymore. It would then help to pay attention to what you are eating.  Go for the nutrient dense foods… more vitamins and minerals, less calories.

The video below features Registered Dietitian and Assistant Director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition Susan Bowerman, who discusses the same points as Dr. Lipman did.

Tips On How To Eat Healthy During Cold Weather

Lipman’s four tips to eat healthy involve consuming more vegetables, herbs, and spices. He also suggests to take supplements of vitamins that are not available at this time of the year. The easiest among the tips is to drink lots of liquids. As we know, glasses and glasses of water flush away body toxins and keep you hydrated.  It’s still important to drink plenty of water, even though it IS cold!  Try hot herbal teas if you want something warm.

Avoiding to gain weight during winter is not as hard as it may seem. If these easy tips for healthy eating are followed then people need not worry about feeling bloated all throughout winter.



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