Drink to Your Health with Style – Earthlust Bottles

Tree BottleFor those of you who would like a reusable bottle that not only functions well and is safe, but also has a little more elegance and class, Sarah sent in a picture of the beautiful water bottle she uses. It’s made of stainless steel, so there are no problems with BPA contamination.

Sarah got her bottle from Bright and Bold.  They carry a collection of BPA-free reusable bottles from SIGG, Safe Sippy, Klean Kanteen and Earthlust, along with a number of other items like tote bags, reusable bags, eco fashions and home accessories.

Being the curious sort, I decided to check out the supplier of the Earthlust bottles. It didn’t take long to find their website and take a look at all the different bottles available there. I emailed for more information, and Allison was quick to reply and send the requested information and pictures.

Allison explained their bottles are made in China, saying “We would have preferred to produce them domestically but could not find any factory that did similar manufacturing in the U.S. Instead, we found a fantastic factory that has ethical work practices and safe materials. We have someone based in China who oversees each order as well, and we’re 100% confident in what they produce.”

Basket full of Earthlust Bottles

click on the picture to see more detail of the pictures on these beautiful bottles.

They carry stainless steel bottles in 13, 20 and 33 ounce sizes, costing $16, $18 and $21 respectively. These gems are made of double walled food grade stainless steel, and the pictures are made with non-toxic paints.

Different sizes of Earthlust Bottles

The bottles come with a screw top lid, but you can buy a Sports Top for the bottles for only $1.

Group of 20-ounce sized bottles

It’s recommended to hand wash the bottles to extend the life of the imprint, and really, most of the time you probably just need to rinse them out. When a bottle needs a little heavier cleaning, they recommend a baking soda or white vinegar wash.

What could be better than sipping your healthy drink from such a classy looking bottle?

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