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Don't Diet! Change your eating style instead. . . | Health Food Made Easy

Don’t Diet! Change your eating style instead. . .

Going On a Diet?

The whole problem with going on a diet is the very term implies at some point you’re going to go OFF the diet.

Let’s face it, just say “diet” and what comes to mind?  Restrictive eating, being hungry, and to a whole lot of people, it brings immediate thoughts of failure.  Nothing seems to work!

Don’t Go On A Diet! 

kiss-eathDieting is the kiss of death for many.  It’s a change of eating we try for a while, decide we can’t live with it, and move on.  What we really need is a lifestyle adjustment, and to consider an eating plan that will mean success for you and your fitness and health goals.

What Goes Wrong?

Eating for some is an addiction.  Many people are “emotional eaters”.  The problem is you can’t exactly give up eating all together as a smoker can give up cigarettes. You must eat in order to survive. You cannot live without eating. This means that if food is a problem in your life, you must find a healthier way of viewing food.

This is the point where many diets often fail.  If all we’re doing is counting calories, diets do very little to change how we view food. In fact, most diets just make a list of good and bad foods, along with some that are strictly taboo. Often are favorite foods are on the bad or taboo list, so we start off feeling deprived or punished. And no one likes to feel either of these things.

Sticking to the diet and eating only from the list of good foods can be very difficult.  When we eventually slip up, we berate ourselves and wallow in guilt over every little misstep.  At some point we decide we’ve had enough and give up our diet altogether.

Changing Your Point of View

Even though we might use what’s called a diet to change our eating habits, we need to think of it as a lifestyle change.  Instead of “going on a diet”, we are switching to healthier foods.  We may occasionally goof and eat foods that aren’t so good for us, but in general are aiming for an overall healthier diet.

Changing the way you think of food, and contentrating more on your health that “being on a diet” will make it easier to eat healthier foods for the long-term basis.

Consistency is vitally important when making these lifestyle changes. Take each day as it comes and begin again the very next day. This means that even if you fall completely “off the wagon” today, you can start over tomorrow. The trick is in staying the course more days than not and learning moderation and balance when it comes to straying from the straight and narrow.

There are many ways to fail when it comes to dieting and I know people who have failed in almost every one I can possibly imagine. There is no way to fail, however, when you are making positive changes in your life that are getting positive results. It may take weeks, months, or even years to reach your goal. As long as you are making steady and continuous efforts and progress, you are doing many great things for your health and well being.

Pick a Plan

pick-your-ownWhen you decide to change your eating habits, it’s important to find a plan that you can live with.  Yes, the plan might be called a diet, but remember, think of it as a change of eating habits, a different lifestyle.  You want to find a plan with foods you enjoy.  For instance if you hate seafood, then avoid an eating plan that focuses on eating lots of fish!  Sometimes you have to tweak things a little to work for you.

Check out our diet reviews, and choose an eating plan that fits your style, whether one of these or some other you like.

Find a healthy way of eating that you can live with.  That’s the only way to gain long-term success.

Don't Diet! Change your eating style instead. . .
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Don't Diet! Change your eating style instead. . .
The whole problem with going on a diet is the very term implies at some point you're going to go OFF the diet. Change the way you eat long-term instead.
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