Don’t Be A Fast Food Junkie!

Or Why You Should Say NO FAST FOOD!

Fast food is easily available, relatively cheap, and even tasty.  So why shouldn’t you eat it?

fast foodWell, although fast food may seem like a real boon to busy people it does have a dark side.  Cheap and easy isn’t always a good thing!  And in this case, consuming a lot of fast food can have consequences that greatly outweigh any benefit it may seem to have.

So what are some of the problems with fast food?  Check these out. . .

  • The average fast food meal can have as many calories in that one meal as what you should be eating for an entire day.
  • Fast food meals tend to be high in saturated fat – that’s the fat that’s bad for you.
  • Food from fast food restaurants tends to have high amounts of preservatives and other chemicals.
  • Many fast food restaurants serve meat with fillers known as “pink slime” that are treated with harsh chemicals.
  • While many restaurants offer healthier choices, those choices are usually more expensive and not chosen as often.
  • Fast food meals don’t contain the necessary vitamins and minerals for good health.
  • Fast food meals don’t contain much fiber which helps to keep digestion regular and lower cholesterol.
  • The cost of treating medical conditions caused by a poor diet are much greater than any money you could save on a value menu.
  • For the first time in history, children are having problems due to obesity that once plagued only adults such as type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol.

Whew!  That’s quite a list of reasons to avoid fast food.

While it may seem convenient and inexpensive, the real cost of a fast food diet can be devastating for your health.  So while you might eat an occcasional fast food meal, it’s relaly important to find a way to eat healthier foods most of the time.  Work to make a healthy diet part of your lifestyle!

Don't Be A Fast Food Junkie
Article Name
Don't Be A Fast Food Junkie
Fast food is easily available, relatively cheap, & even tasty. So why not eat it? Because it can have consequences that greatly outweigh any benefits!
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