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Creating Great Dishes With Whole Grain Quinoa | Health Food Made Easy

Creating Great Dishes With Whole Grain Quinoa

One of the most versatile food that is in the market today is Whole Grain Quinoa. Previously ignored and taken as something that would taste bland, once discovered about the nutritional benefits of this grain, the only one that has protein, great recipes make this grain taste great. Now it’s healthy and delicious.

irby-quinoa-cookbookThis article from the site at morningsun.net, highlighting a new cookbook with 180 recipes is just terrific for this previously ignored wonder food.

Creating Great Dishes With Whole Grain Quinoa

Quinoa is one of the world’s oldest and oddest foodstuffs. It’s popular elsewhere, but it never got out of the gate in the U.S., possibly because a bunch of health addicts promote it. Anything that healthy must taste like tofu, right?

Wrong. It can be an excellent addition to your diet, nutrient- and taste-wise.

Eat with more flavor and gusto with these very easy and versatile recipes using quinoa. There is really more than meets the eye with this whole grain foodstuff that you will surely love and appreciate.

“Quinoa Cookbook” is loaded with Irby’s ways to add the miracle food to your everyday meals, including your breadcrumbs. Many recipes start with what she calls “Quick and Easy Quinoa” (2 cups simmered 15 minutes in a cup of water or until absorbed). The texture should be “light and pillowy” with a slight crunch.

I tried Irby’s Quinoa Cannellini Bean Dip and immediately noted the improvement. This one’s going on our next party tray.

The book is crammed with hundreds of uses. I liked the pasta. A half cup of Quick and Easy in two servings of vermicelli takes the flavor and texture of that common ingredient into new pastures. Original Story.

Being healthy and eating right doesn’t mean that your food needs to taste like sawdust. You can integrate whole grain quinoa in your diet using the 180 recipes that are in this new “Quinoa Cookbook”.

Eating something new should never be scary especially if you are eating something that is healthy and easy to prepare. To start that road to eating healthy, check out our list of superfoods.


Whole Grain Quinoa Spaghetti with Garlicky Greens and Tomatoes Aggie’s

This quinoa pasta is one of my favorites and to me is very close to eating regular pasta flavor-wise but so much better for you It cooks up a lot quicker than whole wheat pasta so it’s such a great option for fast weeknight.…

Store-cupboard superstar Mark Hix cooks with whole grain quinoa The Independent

Store-cupboard superstar Mark Hix cooks with quinoa. The Independent. I’ve never experimented with quinoa before but when I was in Los Angeles over the New Year I noticed it cropping up on menus in all the veggie restaurants in the city. Being a novice I assumed that it was a kind of wholegrain but in fact the word and more.…


Quinoa. icon ˈ k iː n w ɑː or. k ɨ ˈ n oʊ ə quinua. from kinwa a species of goosefoot Chenopodium is a grain.…
quinoa cookbook

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