Counterfeit Food: Are You Paying for Faux Food?

Was there ever a time you bought a designer bag but later found it was fake? Have you bought medicine capsules to cure your cough and colds but instead your condition worsened? Many counterfeit products are being sold around the world, claiming to be genuine. The products range from designer bags, apparel, watches, cars, software, and movies. But did you know that counterfeit food also exists?  Yes, I’m afraid it’s another health food myth that you always get the real product.fake-food

People who are health-conscious have a new dilemma as illegal food modification is becoming a huge problem worldwide. Food ingredients are being mixed with other ingredients or are being replaced with other food components which may be dangerous to health.

You may think you’re getting pure honey, for instance, but it’s a watered down version.  Often the honey is mixed with high fructose corn syrup, quite likely one of the things you are trying to avoid!

Same thing with olive oil… it’s really a faux olive oil, because other oils are being added so that it is no longer pure.  While these are considered healthy foods, you may not be getting the healthy version!

The following article written by Megan Greenlaw and published at Inquisitr.com discusses counterfeit foods and how they are being tampered.

Counterfeit food: A Growing Problem

If you’re a health-conscious consumer, here’s one more thing to worry about: illegal food modification is becoming an increasing problem. Fake ingredients are making their way into widely purchased products — such as honey and olive oil — and have the potential to cause health risks for consumers.

Cases are rising in which good ingredients are swapped with fake ingredients in many food products, The Inquisitr reported. Now, not only quality control is at stake, but public health.

“There’s absolutely a public health risk,” said John Spink, associate director for the Anti-Counterfeit and Product Protection Program (A-CAPPP) at Michigan State University. (Read more of the story here…)

Manufacturers of these knock-offs obviously do not care about the consumers. It is therefore probably not the best idea to always buy the cheapest priced food products as your and your family’s health might be at risk. The news video below discusses food fraud and how a billion dollar underground industry tamper their products.

Food Fraud in America

It bad enough we have to worry about food dyes, but these counterfeit food products or tampered-with products include watered-down milk and honey with corn syrup or other juices added so as to dilute it. They had been replacing olive oil with cheaper oils, as well as replacing expensive fish such as tuna, with a tropical fish – escolar. Escolar has been reported to cause keriorrhea, a health condition similar to diarrhea, which instead of liquid bowel movements; the body will discharge an oily orange substance.

Great, just what you want after eating what you thought was a tuna salad sandwich, right?  NOT!

John Spink, the associate director for the A-CAPPP or the Anti-Counterfeit and Product Protection Program at Michigan State University suggests purchasing food products from legitimate suppliers and retailers to ensure safety.

A good tip to spot counterfeit food is the price. As in the words of the Executive Director for the National Consumers League Sally Greenberg, if the price is “too good to be true” it probably is.

Caveat emptor… Let the buyer beware! Counterfeit food, fake food, faux food… whatever you want to call it, more and more of it is out there.  Make every effort you can to be sure you are getting the real deal, and not some phony knock-off.


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