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Wondering How To Eat Figs?

Fresh Fig Benefits – They not only taste good, but they are a good source of fiber, complex carbohydrates and rich in several minerals, including potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. In fact, when you eat a half-cup of figs you get as much calcium as when you drink a half-cup of milk. So if your wondering how to eat figs, so you get these healthy fruits in your diet, here are some suggestions. . .

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Go Nuts For Healthy Hazelnuts!

Hazelnuts are a really great super health food. They’re a high-quality source of protein and fiber for starters. They also have a bunch of antioxidants such as vitamin E and many phytonutrients that help the immune system. Not only that, but of all the tree nuts, hazelnuts have the highest concentration of folate. Why is that so great?

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Top Five Functional Foods In Health Food News

Functional foods are defined as “foods that have been linked to potentially healthful benefits.” The New York State Dietetic Association recently chose what they consider to be the top five functional foods. They polled nutritionists in their organization to list foods they considered to have the best health benefits and value. Not surprisingly, three of their choices are on the Super Hero Health Foods List.

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