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Healthy foods with extra powerful health benefits!

Cardamom is a Spicy Superfood!

Add some spice to your diet with superfood Cardamom! Did you know cardamom is a natural treatment for the H. pylori bacteria associate with ulcers?  Even if you don’t have ulcers, it’s good for a calming effect on the digestive tract.  It’s helpful for gastritis or any sort of upset stomach. Not only that, but […]

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6 Super Foods To Add to Your Diet

I am always on the lookout to find more information about super foods.  As with most everything else, there are varying opinons on exactly what constitutes a super food.  It’s generally accepted that they are whole foods, minimally processed, with all the vitamins and minerals and other nutrients left intact.  Beyond that, however, you could ask a dozen […]

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