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Easy changes for a healthier diet!


In A Pickle For Health Food

Who’d have thought of making pickles healthier? Evidently someone at the Mt. Olive company did, because they’ve come up with a lower sodium pickle. The regular salt has been replaced with a mixture of other salts, including potassium, magnesium and calcium chlorides. Potassium is actually beneficial, since it helps lower blood pressure. That doesn’t mean pickles are suddenly a health food, and you can eat all you want. That’s still a lot of sodium, but it’s a better option, another one of those easy changes for eating healthier.

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Baby Steps To More Health Food In Your Diet

You can also turn things around from a poor diet, simply by starting today and trying to be a little bit healthier every day. Just take baby steps. If you had only two fruits yesterday, try to have three today. If you didn’t have any broccoli last week, try to get one serving three times this week. If you cheated on your diet five days last week, cut the cheating down to three days this week.

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Fast Fix – Change Your Baking Powder

I call this a “Fast Fix” because it’s a super quick way to painlessly switch to a “health food”. Ingredient: Baking Powder Uses: A leavening agent, making quick breads and cookies rise. Switching brands of baking powder is one really fast way to improve your diet.  What difference does it make which baking powder you use?  […]

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