Best Rated Blenders To Help Make Healthy Food

I just got the latest issue of Shop Smart magazine, an off-shoot magazine from Consumer Reports.  This month they had an article on the best rated blenderspicture of one of the best rated blenders

Considering how useful a good blender is when making healthy food, I thought I’d share some of their findings.  These days blenders are pretty versatile, and the best rated blenders can not only make smoothies, but ice cream, soups and other goodies.

As the article in Shop Smart noted:

“Want to eat healthier? A new blender could do the trick, allowing you to add energizing smoothies and nutritious dips and soups to your diet.”

They tested dozens of models, including the following brands:

  • Blendtec
  • Cuisinart
  • KitchenAid
  • Ninja
  • Vitamix
  • And More!

Economical Best Rated Blenders

If you are looking for a good buy, but still want a blender that will do more than make milkshakes, Shop Smart reviewers recommended The Ninja Master Prep Professional.

Along with the blender by itself, are two extras: an ice crusher and a chopper.

According the the Smart Shop reviewers, this budget version of the best rated blenders makes:

“a superb smoothie and frozen cocktail, purees soup to a smooth consistency, and crushes ice into fluffy snow.”

There were a couple of things they didn’t like about it:

  1. It only has one speed.
  2. You have to hold down the top mounted motor while using it.

Still, the Ninja Master Prep Professional was rated as the best bargain buy.

Best Rated Blenders Top Pick

I own a Vitamix blender myself, so I wasn’t surprised when the top pick was for one of the latest models, the Vitamix 5200.  I love my Vitamix, and wouldn’t trade it for any other blender out there!

best blenders top pick

Reviewers liked the Vitamix 5200 because it can chop, cream, blend, grind and more.  According to the testers, it

“excelled at all blending, pureeing, and ice-crushing tasks in our tests.”

Another bonus… it makes hot soup. That’s right, you don’t have to make your soup, then put it in a pan to heat it up. You can do it all just using the Vitamix blender. Sweet!

They didn’t mention this, but one of my favorites uses of my Vitamix is to make hot pudding. Once again, you put all the ingredients in the blender, and without worrying about scorching your pudding on the stove, instead it comes ready to eat right out of the Vitamix. I love chocolate pudding made in my Vitamixer!

So at one end of the temperature range you can make hot soup, and at the other you can make sorbets and ice cream.

Making Sorbet In A Vitamix

As for the reviewers, the only downsides they had to report on the Vitamix 5200 was the fact that it was a little noisier than the Ninja blender, and that is much more expensive than their bargain buy.  Well, there’s an old saying that speaks to the latter… “You get what you pay for.”  And in this case what you get is a quality blender that is multi-purpose and will last you for years and years.

Where to Buy Your Vitamix

One of the other nice things about Vitamix blenders is that you buy them directly from the manufacturer.


You can click on the banner above and it will take you to the page on the Vitamix site with a comparison of their different product lines.

Or you can CLICK HERE to go directly to the page for the Shop Smart testers top pick of the best rated blenders, the Vitamix 5200.

Whatever Vitamix blender you choose, you can be sure you are getting a top quality machine!


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